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Which of Snoopers UK Radar Detector is the Best?

We often get asked which is the best radar detector in Snoopers range, or what which of the Snoopers you would reccommend.
The question is a very complicated one which can bring in many facets of the whole issue of speedtraps and the defences available against them.

It can include for instance :-

  • the legality of the devices
  • the guidelines that the Police are supposed to follow
  • the budget available
  • the area a person travels in
  • which speedtraps are used in those areas
  • the type of car that the device may be used in
  • how many cars is the device for
  • does it need to be able to be moved from car to car
  • will it be taken abroad
  • what type of windscreen does the car or cars have
  • can a device be fitted to the front of the car
  • how many points are currently on a persons licence
  • what is a persons driving style like
  • does it need to be hard wired in
  • will it do everything
  • which one does do everything
  • how much does it cost to buy
  • are there any further costs of ownership

When answering or even asking these questions it can take up to 30 minutes to be able to get a full understanding of what types of speedtrap there are and which detector will suit a persons individual needs.

So it is always wise to seek advice from a reputable Snoopers distributor before making a purchase or at least to do some homework and read the information on our website so that you can get at least a rudimentary understanding in order to make the right choice

Of course in some cases it simply comes down to cost, in other cases cost may not be an issue, but a car windscreen may be, eg somebody going for a cheap radar detector with particular types of Renault or Fords may find that anything they buy would be a waste of money even though they are looking for and find a cheap one.

If somebody is local to our offices we can often test their windscreen to check if what they are buying is going to be affected by the windscreen.

The 2 most important features of a speedtrap detector are range and filtering, if either of these 2 features is lacking then the detector will either not give enough warning (depending on the speed at the time) or it may give so many false alarms that the driver ignores it and it becomes an ornament instead of a useful drivers aid.

It has to be said that the price is usually indicative of the performance of the detector, but not in all cases.

The Snoopers range of radar detectors are specifically designed for the UK marketplace, ranging from the entry level Snoopers S1 to the new Snoopers S5-R with new electronics which is the relacement for the Snoopers S5 which took the radar detector market by storm in competition with the Canadian manufactured Bel 550 and Beltronics range. The range also includes the Snoopers SLD920 laser diffuser, which is the Snoopers UK version of the famous M10 Twin Laser Blinder. More recently the Snoopers range includes the latest in GPS speedtrap location devices such as the Snoopers S2, Snoopers S3, Snoopers S4 and Snoopers S6. So whatever your budget is and whatever the threat the Snoopers range has something to offer.

The budget priced Snoopers S1 gives some protection in the less than 100 range while the Snoopers S5-R has excellent range and filtering and compares with the best radar detectors on the market. The GPS devices give the ultimate in static speedtrap detection.