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Speed Camera Detectors

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Snooper 3ZERO

As with all Snooper GPS locators, the 3ZERO uses the most advanced GPS technology possible to accurately alert you to the presence of all 'fixed' speed traps such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras as well as SPECs average speed cameras often found at motorway road works. For the first time however, Snooper has combined GPS and radar/laser technology in one portable device.



Snooper 4Zero Elite

Snooper 4Zero Elite


Snooper Laser Pod

Laser Pod is a completely unique device that has been designed to add laser detection to almost any portable satellite navigation system on the market and will detect most types of laser gun in use throughout Europe.



Snooper Lynx

Snooper LYNX speed trap locator with built-in GPS and GPRS technology. Share and receive mobile speed trap information with other users. Real time alerts with automatic wireless updates wherever you are!



Snooper MySpeed Aura

Snooper MY-SPEED AURA - displays and alerts you to speed limits and changes in speed limits with cover throughout Western Europe! Plus incorporates Snooper's Award winning GPS speed trap detection technology. Lifetime speedtrap updates.



Snooper Pantera

Snooper Pantera GPS speed camera location system. The most affordable GPS speed trap locator around, but with all of Snooper's award winning detection technology!



Snooper S2

The Snooper S2 GPS has been designed to help improve your concentration and to navigate the UK's roads more safely by providing advanced warning of ALL fixed speed safety cameras.



Snooper S3 Neo

The Snooper S3 Neo is a GPS and Laser warning device designed to help you drive safer and to the speed limit, alerting you to police speed traps and accident black-spots letting you know of potentially hazardous areas. The S3 also features a built in laser detector.



Snooper Sapphire Plus

The Snooper Sapphire Plus is the most advanced GPS speed camera location in system in the World and for a limited period only it will come with built-in satellite navigation software.



Snooper Tigre

Snooper Tigre. UK & European specification ALL Band High performance dash mounted, radar/laser detector! Designed specifically for us in the UK and the rest of Europe with voice alerts and text display.



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