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Snooper Syrius GPS Speed Camera Detector

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Snooper Syrius Proline

Read about how the Snooper Syrius got the Which? Magazines Best Buy award.

Snooper Syrius

Snooper Syrius - Which? Best BuyThe Snooper Syrius is an advanced sat nav with an easy to use wide touch screen display along with the Enigma GPS Speedtrap database. It is portable and can be easily transferred between vehicles as well as having a built in rechargeable battle so you won't have wires cluttering up your dash.

The Syrius makes getting to your destination much easier with the ability to search by either the Streen name, town or city name or only by the postcode. Alternatively to can choose from a wide selection of Points of Interest or your own saved Favourites list. The Syrius also keeps a list of the latest routes you have travelled.

Once your route has been planned, Syrius will give you accurate turn by turn instructions to your destination with helpful voice prompts and a colourful, moving 3D map.

Genuine Speed Safety Camera location
Syrius offers even more unique features by using Snooper´s camera location technology. Unlike other portable navigators, Syrius provides full, clear alerts, confirming the speed camera type, the speed limit at the point of the alert and counts down accurately to the hazard.

A sat nav can only be as good as its mapping software - this is why the Snooper Syrius uses NAVTEQ street level mapping, allowing you to get from A to B via the best possible route without you getting lost. NAVTEQ mapping allows the Syrius to offer detailed, reliable and accurate repesentation of the road network.

Auto Ranging
The Syrius will automatically calculate the required detection range needed for the distance depending on your speed. For example if you are in a 30mph zone it will alert you at 200 meters and in a 70mph zone it will warn you 500 meters in advanced.

Smart Mute
The Syrius recognises your speed. So if you are under the speed limit as you approach a speed camera or high risk zone it will only give you a visual alert. Of course if you are over the speed limit you will get a full audible alert including voice warnings.



Version 1 - UK & Ireland
Comprehensive data comes as standard with full street level mapping and points of interest.

Version 2 - Western Europe
Euro Plus provides full street level mapping and points of interest for the following western european countries: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.