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Snooper SLD 920x Laser Jammers

Snooper SLD920 Laser Jammer

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Two transponders are fitted to the front of the car with a buzzer and an on/off switch in the cockpit. This device is a real no nonsence life and licence saver.
Rating highly in independent reviews this device will give the driver more time to react when in danger areas, avoiding heavy braking which may cause unnecessary skidding and rear end shunts.
Most drivers will slam on the brakes when they know they are being hit with a laser, regardless of whether they are over the speed limit, the Snooper SLD920 will give you more time to react and check your speed before slamming on the brakes.
Allowing gentle braking when necessary rather than sudden application of the brakes even though you may already be under the speed limit.