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Snooper Shotsaver S340

Sorry, This item has been discontinued


SnooperThe waterproof S340 Shotsaver incorporates WQVGA LCD with a resolution of 240x400 pixels making it the highest resolution screen in it's class. This makes it easy to read in any conditions. In addition the S340 comes with a built-in rechargeble battery capable of guiding you round the golf course for up to 12hrs!

Snooper S340 Shotsaver uses the very lastest GPS technology to provide you with accurate positional information anywhere on the golf course. Our database of courses covers the whole of Western Europe and gives you access to over 4500 courses, one of the most comprehensive golf databases available and still growing. Shotsaver uses the most accurate GPS technology to provide you with distances to the front, back and middle of the green plus bunkers, fairways, streams, lakes plus many other hazards.

Subscription to the Snooper Shotsaver golf course database of over 4500 golf courses across Europe is completely free!

This stylish handheld device incorporates the brightest LCD display available on a GPS golf range finder anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery with up to 12hrs battery life is capable of taking you round two golf courses in one day on a single charge. Carry Shotsaver in your pocket or mount it easily and conveniently on our specially designed golf trolley bracket (Available separately). In addition we also have a available a unique power cable so that you can power your Shotsaver directly from the battery of any electrically powered trolley.


Preloaded with over 4500 courses - use Shotsaver straight from the box!
Over 4500 courses come preloaded as standard so Shotsaver can be used straight from the box without the need to connect it to a PC or download any course information. However S340 Shotsaver has the capacity to store up to 20,000 courses in total, so as and when new golf courses are added to our growing Worldwide database, you can update them completely free of charger! No download fees. No subscription charges! Now course legal! Sanctioned by both the PGA and R&A for professional competition.

Snooper's GPS Golf Shot Saver includes a number of easily identifiable icons designed to make it as easy as possible for you to see how far you are away from the green and what dangers lie ahead!


All golf courses are plotted on foot to ensure maximum accuracy and in the unlikely event you can't find your golf course on our list let us know and we will have it plotted within 21 days. Please allow up to 60 days for course requests overseas.

SnooperRecord how far you hit each and every club!
Many golfers don't know exactly how far they hit each club and in golf knowing these distances is essential. Shotsaver gives you the ability to measure how far you hit each and every golf club so you can make the right club selection each and every time. Simply record the position of your ball, take you shot and then record the position it lands. Shotsaver will provide you with details of the longest and shortest distances you hit each club plus will keep a running average.

Electronic scorecard
Shotsaver's electronic scorecard will save the scores of up to four players. Enter the name and handicap of each player at the beginning of the round and then enter your scores at the end of each hole. Shotsaver's electronic scorecard will total your score and automatically calulate your net score and Stableford score. Shotsaver let's you see your score at a glance at any time, leaving you free to concentrate on your golf.

Satellite Navigation
It is also possible to add street level satellite navigation and speed camera detection to the Snooper S340 Shotsaver. With Snooper's pocket navigation software you can use the S340 in your car as well as on the golf course! Not only will you be able to navigate around your favourite golf course, you will also be navigated directly there and with your license safely intact!

Snooper sat nav and speed camera detection software is supplied on a micro SD card and can be installed in seconds. Simply slide the micro SD card in to the SD card slot on the underside of the unit and you are ready to go!

Product Options
  Shotsaver S340: Black
Golf Range Finder
  Shotsaver S340: White
Golf Range Finder
  Shotsaver S340 XI: Black - UK
Golf Range Finder and Satellite Navigation for UK & Ireland.
  Shotsaver S340 XI: White - UK
Golf Range Finder and Satellite Navigation for UK & Ireland.
  Shotsaver S340 XI: Black - EU
Golf Range Finder and Satellite Navigation for Western Europe.
  Shotsaver S340 XI: White - EU
Golf Range Finder and Satellite Navigation for Western Europe.

  Satellite Navigation Card - UK
Satellite Navigation on Micro SD card for United Kingdom & Ireland
  Satellite Navigation Card - EU
Satellite Navigation on Micro SD card for Western Europe
  Back Up Battery Case
Increases the battery life of a Shotsaver S320 by an additional 6hrs.
  Silicon Case
Protective silicon skin for S320 Shotsaver