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Snooper S5R Radar Detectors.

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
We would recommend having a look at the Snooper Pantera.

Snooper S5 Radar Detectors.

Snooper S5-R
Snooper S5-R Radar Detector, The S5R is a brand new detector and is a recent upgrade to the market leading S5 which caused quite a stir, with excellent range, filtering and easy setup options, buy direct on the internet at discounted prices. The Snooper S5R is probably the best value for money radar detector that money can buy, with performance on the level of the most expensive devices yet at half the price. The laser detector on this device has been tested not only by the manufacturers but also by trading standards and by the police force with their own laser guns. It passed with flying colours.

Features :

360 degree detection on radar and laser
On/Off Volume Control
Digital Text Display
Mode Button (Snooper S5 radar detector modes.)
Mute Button
Auto Mute (particularly useful in built up areas where false alarms may be a nuisance.
Dark Button

The Snooper S5 Radar Detectors.include the following accessories.
Windscreen suction cup bracket.
Hook and Loop fastener for dashboard mount
Straight power cord
Coiled power cord
Padded carry case
For spares just call the order line 0161 355 1275.

The Snooper S5R Radar Detectors come with a 2 year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Receiver type = Dual Conversion Superheterodyne.
Antenna type = Linear Polarised, Self Contained Antenna.
Detector type = Scanning Frequency Discriminator, Eurotech 2000 Frequencies.
X Band = 10.525GHz
Ku Band = 13.45GHz
K Band = 24.125GHz
Ka Band = 33.4-36.00GHz
Receiver type = Pulsed Laser Signal receiver
Detector type = Digital Signal Processed Pulse Width Discriminator
Opto sensor = Dual Convex Condensor Lense And High Speed Photo Diode Detector
Spectral response = 800~1,100nm
Temperature range = 4 to 158 f (-20 to 70 c)
Power requirements = 12~16 v dc, 310 ma (negative ground)
Dimensions = 28 mm x 77 mm x 115 mm
Weight = 148 g

These details are for general guidance, specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.