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Snooper S4-R Neo

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
We would recommend having a look at the Snooper Pantera.

Utilising the very latest GPS and laser technology. Snooper have created the Snooper S4 Neo, the first GPS Safety Alert System to include built in laser technology. An industry and World first making this device the most advanced safety device on the market.

Snooper S4 Neo.Snooper S4 Neo.

The geographical co-ordinates of all 'Fixed' speed monitoring systems and many officially designated 'Accident Hotspots' have been stored on Snoopers database that is constantly monitored and updated by the data collection team, ensuring that you are alerted to every potentially hazardous stretch of road and danger spot.

Snooper S4.The Snooper S4 Neo also comes with 360 degree built-in laser as standard that has been designed to detect all types of mobile laser speed monitoring systems. The result? Your Neo will alert you to nearly every speed monitoring system, whether Fixed or Mobile for total security and awareness!

The S4 Neo is one of the easiest devices to install.

Voice Alerts

Safety is at the forefront of Snoopers thinking with the addition of voice alerts. When you detect a location the Snooper S4 Neo will tell you exactly what type of safety camera or accident hotspot you are approaching as well as and most importantly, confirming the speed limit on that stretch of road. All necessary, critical information you require without you having to take your eyes from the road!

Snooper S4 Neo Features include:

  • Detection of All fixed monitoring systems via Snooper's comprehensive database.
  • Speed limit at each accident hotspot or speed monitoring system located via GPS.
  • Genuine easy fit plug and play, Your Snooper S4 neo can be mounted on the dashboard or inside of the windscreen and powers from your cigarette lighter socket!

The S4 Neo Provides advanced warning of:

  • Gatso and Truvelo Safety Cameras
  • SPECS Camera Systems
  • Laser Guns*
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)**

* The S4 Neo is the first ever GPS speedtrap detector to incorporate an inbuilt laser detector which means no additional cables or modules to mount. However: Laser guns can only be detected when the gun is active and it is aimed at your car or you pick up a reflection from another car that is being targeted, for this reason we also advise you to consider the Snooper SLD920x for extra protection.

** The New S4 neo incorporates new features never seen before on a Snooper including the option of being alerted to schools during these critical times when children are most at risk coming to and from school.

Alert Patterns

The S4 has been designed to alert you to Police Speed Monitoring Systems and Accident Blackspots in the clearest and safest way possible. The device will alert you visually via a bright LED text display and audibly with a voice alert so that you do not even have to take your eyes from the road!

Both alert patterns will indicate the type of location you are approaching as well the Speed Limit on that stretch of road. The LED display will also count down your distance to the trap from 1000-50m. The voice alert can be switched to a loud piezo bleeper if preferred. An optional ear-piece is also available, designed to transfer the audible alert directly to the inside of your helmet for motorcycle use