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Snooper Advanced 5 Band Radar/Laser Detectors

Radar Detector users on average drive 73,952 miles further between accidents than non Radar Detector users.
Statistics taken from research conducted in the UK by Mori.

Snooper SD715iS
Snooper SD815iS
Snooper S5-R
Snooper 715 kit including the visor bracket and cigarette lighter cable. Snooper 815 radar detector kit with the windscreen mounting bracket and the cigarette lighter cable. Snooper S5-R, the latest in Snooper radar detectors technology.

Although the SD715iS is an entry level detector, it has still been designed to offer complete protection for the driver by utilising the unique 5 BAND detection system pioneered by Snooper, Compact design together with excellent detection range make this detector ideal for the serious driver.

SD715iS features include

  • 5 band detection including the new Ku band - for complete protection.
  • 360 degree radar detection - protects from all sides.
  • Separate audio and visuyal indicators - tells you exactly what you are detecting.
  • Full laser detection - detects the latest laser devices.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Size 120mm x 75mm x 28mm.
Drive safely with Snooper ! Independent research shows that radar detector users have 24% fewer accidents.

The smallest radar detector in the world also outperforms the rest. Using digital technology the SD815iS offers 5 BAND detection plus all the options you would expect on full size units plus super long range. In addition its ultra compact size ensures real discretion. The world class SD815iS is the only real choice for the professional driver.

SD815iS features include

  • 5 band detection including Ku band - detects ALL radar traps, not just some of them.
  • 360 degree Radar and Laser detection - 100% protection.
  • The smallest detector in the world - ultra compact, Ultra Discreet.
  • Separate audio & visual indicators - tells you exactly what you are detecting.
  • Range finder LEDs - Lets you know how far away the trap is.
    AutoMute setting.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Size 85mm x 65mm x 20mm.

The Signature Series Snooper S5 offers comprehensive cover of all radar and laser based Speed Traps, by utilising SNOOPER'S unique EUROTECH 2000 Technology increasing your awareness of both your speed and your surroundings. The S5 has been designed to help you drive within the confines of todays speed limits, by alerting you quickly and easily to the presence of Police speed traps, often located at Accident Hotspots, electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations.

S5-R features include

  • 5 band detection of ALL radar/laser frequencies.
  • Digital Logic Mode, allows you to switch simply and easily between frequencies.
  • LED text display.
  • 360 degree cover of all radar/laser frequencies.
  • Express start.
  • Mute and Automute.
  • Adjustable brightness control.
  • Memory retention of preferred features.
  • 2 year warranty.

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Please note that the detection ranges can be influenced by environmental conditions.