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Snooper 815iS Radar Detectors

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
We would recommend having a look at the Snooper Pantera.

Snooper SD815iS

Full Title : Snooper SD815iS

The smallest radar detector in the world also outperforms the rest. Using digital technology the Signature Series SD815iS offers 5 BAND detection plus all the options you would expect on full size units plus Super Long Range. In addition its ultra compact size ensuresa real discretion. The world class SD815iS is theonly real choice for the professional driver.

SD815iS features include:-
  • 5 BAND radar detection including Ku band - detects All radar traps, not just some of them
  • Enhanced Performance - For greater detection range across all frequencies
  • City Mode with Smoart Mute - Significantly reduces unwanted spurious signals in built up areas
  • 360 degree Radar & Laser detection - 100% protection
  • Separate audio & visual indicators - tells you exactly what you are detecting
  • Range finder LEDs - lets you know how far away the trap is.
  • Range -
    • Radar & Laser Guns up to 2 miles
    • Gatso Cameras up to 100 yards
    • MiniGatso Cameras up to 600 yards
    • Size 85mm x 65mm