Radar / Laser Detectors and GPS Speedtrap Detector Systems.
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Snooper My-Trak Automotive

My-Trak Automotive. Affordable tracking, reporting and security system for any vehicle. Protect and monitor your car, truck or van from a fleet to a single vehicle!



Snooper MySpeed

Snooper MY-SPEED AURA alerting you to the speed limit of every road you travel on and the location of speedtraps. An ideal gift for the travelling businessman.



Snooper Run SR200

Improve your fitness level with the Snooper Run SR200 running watch. Snooper's experience and expertise in GPS technology has led to the creation of the perfect running watch. The Snooper Run SR200 is stylish, incredibly easy to set up, and fully water resistant. Snooper Run SR200 calculates your speed, distance, pace and burned calories, which helps to keep you a step ahead.



Stoplock Strongbox

The Stoplock Strongbox is a strong metal box made from Anodised Aluminium with a slide out inner tray made from Steel. The tray is lined inside to protect your equipment and is large enough to hold all Sat nav systems on the market at present.


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Showing 1 to 4 of 4 products Pages: 1