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Laser Classifications

There are four main classiffications of laser and these have been created to show their effect or damage on biological material and hence their strength.

  • Class I - These lasers are not known to be hazardous to biological material.
  • Class I.A. - Supermarket laser scanners as well as others fall into this category and are "not intended for viewing". The maximum power limit is 4 mW.
  • Class II - A low-power visible laser that can emit above Class I levels but with a maximum radiant power of 1 mW. The "human aversion reaction to bright light" should protect somebody from this amount of light radiation, at least that is the theory.
  • Class IIIA - An intermediate-power laser between 1-5 mW, which may be hazardous when viewing. Laser pointers fall into this class.
  • Class IIIB - Lasers of moderate power.
  • Class IV - High-power lasers (cw: 500 mW, pulsed: 10 J/cm2 or the diffuse reflection limit), whether direct or diffused these are hazardous, these can cause combustion and are a biological hazard so need to come under significant control and regulations.